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Peru VI: Lima Ciclovia

Lima sign

On the Av. Arequipa cycle lane

Enjoying the big capital while cars are not allowed

Most big cities in South America have a great initiative where, on Sundays, they close some of the biggest streets to traffic, and all kind of non-motorised users like cyclists, walkers, skaters and others can enjoy the city without the risk of being run down.

Ciclovia Lima
Waiting at an intersection

Since we arrived in Lima on a Saturday, we were quick to avail of this possibility to visit the city on our own bikes!

Ciclovia Lima
Towards Miraflores

In the case of Lima, the main road to be closed is Avenida Arequipa, which was very convenient for us as we could join it barely 500 meters from our apartment, and it would take us all the way to Miraflores where we can connect to the cyclelane parallel to the coast.

Ciclovia Lima
Traffic light turns… green!

The experience was great, and both us and the kids enjoyed it greatly.

Ciclovia Lima
I wish there was more police on bikes in our cities

There are many points where volunteers control the intersections, other areas where you can get your bike checked for mechanical issues, some bike shops have stalls selling accessories,…

Ciclovia Lima
Bike workshop at the side of the road
Ciclovia Lima
Normally this is a very busy street

At the end of the ride we took a break next to a playground so the kids could play, and then we joined the cycle lane along the cliffs next to the coast.

Playground in Miraflores
Playground in Miraflores
Simon buys balloon
Simon buys himself a balloon

It is a bit narrow, but most people are careful and cycle slowly.

Cyclelane Lima
Around the cliffs of Miraflores
Cyclelane Miraflores
Approaching a light tower

It’s hard to see the coastline as the famous Lima fog was there to block the view, but we still got occasional glimpses of the beach below and how big the city is.

End of Miraflores cyclelane
End of the cyclelane

After another break in yet another playground, we tried to get lunch in a restaurant Susanne saw in our travel guide. However, upon arriving we saw a long queue, and also the restaurant was way more expensive than our regular budget, so we went instead to a nearby pasta place where we ate very well and the juices were excellent.

Back to the historic centre along the Av. Arequipa cyclelane (by this time the Ciclovia was over and the streets were open to the traffic), we stopped at the Circuito Magico del Agua, which is a park full of fountains with different water and light effects.

Lima cyclelane
Av. Arequipa cycle lane
Lima cycle lane
Looks very tropical

The kids loved it, but we decided not to stay until dark, when the light effects start, because the kids were getting tired and the park was getting busier.

Lima water fountain
A water fountain
Lima water fountain
Nobody else dared getting into the water tunnel
Lima water fountain
Simon posing casually
Hummingbirds in Lima
We even saw a few hummingbirds
Lima water park
Thomas insisted in taking this train
Simon playing in the water park
Simon chasing soap bubbles with other kids
Family portrait in Circuito del Agua
End of our visit


  1. Ricardo

    El Parque del Agua es impresionante de noche. Si os es posible disfrutarlo.
    Un gran abrazo.

  2. Katherine

    Ohhh me encanto la ultima foto…hermosa postal familiar ๐Ÿ˜ . Como esas muchas mas por venir. Que buena iniciativa lo de Las bicis. Asi sj da gusto pasear por Las grandes ciudades๐Ÿšดโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿšตโ€โ™‚๏ธ. Saludos!!!

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