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Peru XVI: Puno to Ilave

Titicaca by bike

On the shore of Titicaca lake

On the road again!

After so many days it felt great to be back on the bikes, as if we were finally true travelers just by changing our means of transport. We had to do about 180km to reach the Bolivian border, all around the Titicaca lake.

Leaving Puno
Leaving Puno

Since we are already in the altiplano, not much climbing was expected. The riding would not be easy though, cycling at 3800 mts.

Like with most cities, coming out of Puno was not easy or comfortable, but after a few km the traffic would be much lighter. The first highlight was Chucuito, where after a short climb we could visit the Inca Uyo, a fertility temple. Jose, the cyclist we met in the hostel, was coming with us.

Climb to Chucuito
Climbing to Chucuito
Inca Uyo
Inca Uyo
Inside fertility temple
Why is it called the Fertility temple?
Fertility temple Titicaca
Size does not matter

After that, the ride got a big boring, just a straight and mostly flat road, often not that close to the lake, and with no hardshoulder to avoid the traffic.

Dusty road
Dusty road

At least we got to see plenty of llamas and alpacas.

Chullpas in Titicaca
Chullpas (funerary towers) along the way

On the positive side, there were many inca ruins along the road, although most required a small detour and we were just happy taking pictures from far away.

Fuente del Inca
Fuente del Inca. Simon was very proud he climbed on his own

We stopped in Plateria for a short break and then again in Acora for lunch.

Break on the road
Break on the road

After another long and flat stretch later we arrived at Ilave, our objective for the day. We stoppend in the main square to contemplate our overnight options. The square was too exposed and busy to put the tent there. On the meantime, Susanne had seen a bakery on the way here so she went back to get a huge chocolate cake that we finished in seconds.

Cake in Ilave
Chocolate cake in Ilave
Eating cake in Ilave
Cake? What cake?

After getting a few tips from the locals we cycled towards the stadium, where we found another small square, far away from traffic and noise, and with a small roof that would protect us from the frost.

Cleaning up camping site
Cleaning up our room. At the back, the noisy neighbours

Unfortunately, an overly kind neighbour and his friend decided to have some drinks next to us while keeping the music on their car at full volume, late into the night. Finally, at around 23.00 they decided to leave.

Camping in Ilave
Camping is always exciting for the kids
Camping site
Sunny morning on our camping site

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