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Our bike tools

Like any bike nerd, I have spent a while researching and choosing what tools we would need to keep the bikes going, while limiting weight and researching what we could find on the places we visit. This is the final list, in case it helps someone doing a similar trip

Saddlebag tools

The tools I carry in the saddlebag

This is a list of the tools I carry in my saddlebag, ready for any on-the-road repairs. From top left to bottom right:

  • 3x Park Tool plastic tire levers
  • Park Tool CT5 chain breaker. For me the best for size/leverage
  • 1x spare tube, schrader valve
  • 1x brake cable
  • 1x gear cable
  • no-name multitool with allen keys 2.5 to 8, plus screwdriver
  • Unior tool 1669/4, to remove a cassette without the proper but huge tool
  • spoke key
  • cable nipple
  • chain link for 8 speed
  • spare spoke nipples
  • set spare brake pads for v-brake
  • a couple wet towels to clean the hands after a roadside repair
  • small bit of chain in case I need to add it to another chain
  • metric wrench 8-10mm (quite useful on retro mtb’s)
  • patch repair set, plus extra glue tube (they tend to dry if open), adaptor to run presta valves on schrader rims, and adaptor to inflate presta valves on petrol stations.

On top of all that, I carry an extra set of tools and spares for the heavy duty problems, nothing you can quickly fix on the side of the road.

Other bike tools

Other bike tools and spares

Again, top left to bottom right:

  • a bit of old tube to use as frame protection when installing something
  • an old film canister full of grease
  • Park Tool RW3 (now discontinued?) to install and remove pedals, and also adjust oversize thread headsets
  • Heavy duty duct tape, for everything
  • a couple small carabiners
  • a bottle of oil, mostly for the chains
  • spare rings for the trailer wheels
  • 2x sets spare v-brake pads
  • 8 speed chain. Normally unnecessary, but with the current shortage of bike spares, better safe than sorry
  • 2x spare patch kits
  • assorted spare bolts in different diameters and lengths (for the racks, lights, saddle collar, etc)

Is there anything you think I am missing or you consider superfluous in my kit? Please let me know!

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    Si si, yo se que te falta..tu certificate de ser 100% experto en bicicletas!. La verdad..mis respetos por esa aventura ..que nicely.. qye nivel PRO!

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