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Colombia II: Cali

Cali sign

Cali sign

The world capital of salsa

This is how Cali pretends to sell itself, but we couldn’t care less as we were not planning to go out at night. Actually Lonely Planet says there’s not much to see in Cali. For us it was all new since this was our first point of contact in Colombia, so everything was interesting.

Church La Merced
A local highlight, the church La Merced back from Spanish times

We also took the opportunity to get money (1 EUR is nearly 5000 COP pesos), a local SIM card to get internet (with CLARO, 6GB for 25000 pesos), and walk around the city. Simon thinks the city is a jungle because the trees are so high and the plant leaves are huge.

In the jungle!

One of the highlights for the kids was the Cats park near the Cali river. We also got to see our very first Hummingbird, in a mini park next to a very busy intersection of all places!

Cats park in Cali

The food is good and cheap. As usual Simon is willing to try everything, while Thomas needs more persuasion but in the end he also tries.

Sancocho in a fish restaurant
Trying the Sancocho de pescado, part of a “menu ejecutivo”
Simon eats a maracuya
Simon’s first maracuyá back at the hotel

Building the bikes

We also took the chance to mount the bikes and ensure nothing had been damaged in the plane. Luckily everything was there and all the bikes and the trailer are ready to start cycling!

Building the bikes in the hotel
Building the bikes in the hotel


  1. Maria Alonso

    Me encanta la foto con la señal de Cali y Thomas dormido! jejeje

  2. Katherine

    Sancocho de pescado!! Que delicia!!!!! Y que valiente Simon!! Probando cosas nuevas. Empieza muy bien!

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