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Bolivia XIV: Sucre

Nice Sucre building

Chuquisaca government building

In the official capital of Bolivia

After the scenic but long journey to Potosí, the bus trip to Sucre was just below three hours, and also quite scenic.

Bus views to Sucre
Views on the way to Sucre

The road first went up, and then went down quite a bit since Sucre is much lower in altitude. That was good news for us as the weather was meant to be much milder.

Colonial building in Sucre
One of many colonial buildings
Government building in Sucre
Showing off their new toys

In Sucre was signed the Independence Declaration, and it is officially the capital of Bolivia, even though most of the stuff happens in La Paz.

Shoe cleaner in Sucre
Availing of the local services
Chess marathon in Sucre
Chess marathon on the main square

The city is very nice, full of colonial buildings, mostly painted in white, that make it a very pleasant city. It is also a student city and there are young people everywhere.

Student party in Sucre
A fancy student party going on here
Simon with balloon sword
Simon playing sword fights with another kid

We spent two days here, mostly walking around and enjoying the milder weather. There is a huge clothes market, the Mercado Campesino, where we bought very cheap clothes for the kids.

Clothes market Sucre
In the clothes market

Thomas burns through the clothes as he loves to lie in the ground anywhere, and Simon keeps growing, so it was time for renewing our stock.

Juice stalls in Central Market Sucre
Fresh fruits waiting to be squeezed

There is also here a very lively Central Market, known for the fresh juices made with fruits that are harder to find in the altiplano.

Clothes shop in Sucre
A shop showing ALL their stuff
Charango player in Sucre
Charango player on the street

For the way back to Oruro we had no choice but to take a night bus, the only option available. That meant we would miss on the landscape, but later on we learnt the route would be quite similar to the way we came, so it was not so bad after all.

Api with bunuelo in Sucre
Drinking api with a bunuelo. A warm drink made mostly of purple corn and sugar


  1. katherine

    Viendo la foto en la que los ninos ensenan sus nuevos juguetes, he notado algo curioso. El escudo de armas que esta en la fachada del edificio es bastante similar al escudo de armas de ecuador! POr cierto, que edificio es? Buscando la logica de las similitudes en los simbolos patrios. ademas de colombia y venezuela (que con ecuador eramos parte de la gran colombia) los otros paises latinoamericanos comparten colores y simbolos patrios. Ya encontrare una logica, pero descartado por cercania limitrofe. Saludos viajeros!

    • Comment by post author

      El edificio es la sede de Gobierno de la provincia local. No sé porque los colores coinciden, pero es que aprendiendo un poco de la historia local, entre Simón Bolivar y el General San Martin liberaron entre ellos a casi todos los países de Sudamerica…

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