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Bolivia V: San Pablo de Tiquina to Batallas

Nevado Ancohuma

Nevados Ancohuma, Calzada, Pallqa K'ark'a & Wila Lluxi

Goodbye Titicaca, Hello Altiplano

Today we finally left behind the Titicaca lake, after so many days next to it. We felt a bit sorry about it, but it was time. We first had a 4 km climb out of Tiquina, but before that we had a delicious breakfast with hot chocolate and egg sandwiches next to the harbour.

Egg sandwich breakfast
Mmmm, breakfast!

I was lucky that, half way during the climb, an excavator overtook us at the right speed so I could grab the rear arm and be pulled for the rest of the climb. We then waited for Susanne and Simon, which climbed surprisingly fast, to reach us and continue again together.

Excavator climb out of Tiquina
A bit of mechanical help

After that there was a short downhill, with bits still lacking tarmac, as they are building a new road.

Ripio road
Ripio road, luckily it was short
Group picture with locals
We took a break and they came to chat

Further up the road is becoming a highway, but currently it’s like a one lane by side with a huge hard-shoulder nearby, which made for very safe and relaxed cycling.

Bolivian highway
Kind of a highway

In Chua Cocani we stopped for lunch with a very nice old couple.

Restaurant in Chua Cocani
Our restaurant for the day

Usually we order fresh lemonade for us and the kids, but they didn’t have. Instead, we ordered a big bottle of coke for all of us, and this was a huge mistake. As it was hot and it was the first time they tried it, the kids drank a lot of cola. We would pay for that later.

Lunch with coke and kids, bad idea
Our mistake for the day

We continued the trip with undulating terrain and then we turned in Huarina, where the road turned into a proper highway with slightly more traffic.

Last view of the lake
Last view of the Titicaca lake

When we reached Batallas, an uninspiring village, the sun was already setting so we looked for accommodation.

Approaching Batallas
Approaching Batallas

A nice man on a hardware shop tried to help but the hotel nearby was ridiculously expensive, so we tried the one on the main road which was better and very reasonably priced. The rooms were at the back so they should be quiet.

Our hotel room
Our hotel room after a long night

And here is where we paid for the cola-party at lunch time. Simon got sick and puked a couple of times, so I slept with him to keep him warm. Thomas slept well, but he would have diarrhea for the following week. Needless to say, this was the last time ever we ordered coke.

Getting closer to La Paz
Getting closer to the capital


  1. Katherine G

    Vaya que les salio carito el chiste de la Coca-Cola. Y es que ni siquiera te quita la sed. Y pensar que por alla todo es fizzy drinks para almorzar. Pero bue! Lo importante son los padres que limitan el consumo si es que no es mas bien lo evitan … muy bien muy bien!!!

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