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Bolivia III: Senor de Colquepata festival

Walkers in Copacabana

Walkers in Copacabana

The biggest festivity around Titicaca lake

So far in Bolivia we are being extremely lucky. Wherever we go, there is a party going on. At the border they were celebrating the request of a new university. Now, we got to enjoy the Senor de la Cruz de Colquepata festival, the biggest festivity in the area, and the first one again after the pandemic.

Titicaca lake beach
The lake beach was packed with people
Bike rental
Improvised bike rental service with some sad looking bikes

The festivity basically consists in a big parade to the church of the Senor de Colquepata (which is currently under construction as they are building a new one, and I must say, much uglier than the previous one), where everybody is wearing traditional clothing.

Women taking a break
Taking a break

Once there, they prey, they sing, and then the party starts.

Dancing in Copacabana
There was dancing…

The whole of Copacabana is just a mix of people going up and down, all beautifully dressed, while drinking, singing and dancing.

Dancing parade
Another parade up the street

Most people come in big organized groups, some from as far as Oruro or Cochabamba, with their own dancers, musicians, and choreography. It is a great show to watch.

Dancing in Copacabana
…and more dancing!

For those not in those groups, there is plenty to do. The beach at the lake is full of food stalls, bouncing castles for the kids, inflatable contraptions for the adults to do crazy things in the water… Overall, a great atmosphere.

Bouncing castle in Copacabana
Everybody had fun
Cutler in Copacabana
A cutler offering his services on a wheeled cart. I miss them from my childhood

We enjoyed it a lot, although for the kids it was a bit too loud with the wind instruments, and after lunch time some people were a little bit too drunk.

Opening a surprise egg
The joy of a surprise egg

The place was full even though we were already on the last day of the festivities. I can’t imagine how the previous two days were.

Tents in the main square in Copacabana
Tents in the main square, true festival spirit

At the end of the day, most people rushed to go back to La Paz or whatever their home location was.

Bus queue
Long queue of people trying to catch a bus back home

For the few lucky ones that could stay longer, there was more music and more dancing.

Girls taking a pause
Finally a break to chat

Before leaving though, most people passed through the Church of Our Lady of Copacabana where a priest blessed all vehicles that passed by, all conveniently decorated, in exchange for a donation.

Decorated car in Copacabana
First you decorate your car
Car blessing
Then you get it blessed

In the following days we would find most of the decorations lying on the side of the road, to the delight of our kids that were decorating our bikes.

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  1. Katherine G

    Que buen recibimiento, party party 🥳. Y creo eso es lo que llaman Las fiestas patronales que celebran a lo grande y por varios dias. Interesante los vestidos tradicionales, faldones, sombreros, chales, que colorido!!! Saludos!!

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