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In the beginning of the internet people would always list a series of links they would find interesting, often with a brief explanation of why. I miss that, so I will replicate that structure here.

Bike related

  • Bike Tour Adventures podcast: Run by a Canadian guy called Chris Panasky, it is one of the few good podcasts about bicycle touring that is still running. Good interviews with many different people, from ultra-marathon riders to people going with their dogs, also non-native English speakers,… Very recommended to get the travel bug. New episodes about every two weeks.
  • Alee writes some of the most comprehensive articles about cycle touring that I have ever found. If he writes about bottle cages, be sure he will review ALL different models currently available. I have made many gear decisions based on his work. He also travels a lot, putting in practice what he preaches!
  • the first cycletouring website I started to follow regularly. He explains everything in a very down-to-earth style I find very appealing, instead of the usual “look how cool I am” that you often find online
  • a classic for home mechanics. The guy died a while ago, killed by a car on his bike, so the website is slowly losing relevance, but it is still extremely useful and he offers real world tips and repairs rather than buying the next big thing.
  • beautifully designed website with a very useful section about routes, if a bit on the harder side. They also review a lot of travel related gear, although I find most to be on the expensive side.
  • Path Less Pedaled: A youtube channel, generally about gravel bikes but also a bit of everything bike and cycletouring related. I am not always interested in all that Ross talks about, but at least he seems to be a nice guy talking to you instead of the usual “gurĂºs” preaching on you what you should do.
  • there are many bike forums but this one deals mostly with early mtb’s, which are my favorite bike type. And because most users have been around bikes since the late 80’s, there is a lot of knowledge in there, even if you are not into cantilever brakes or elevated chainstays.
  • THE tool if you want to understand your gear ratios and how to change them, all in a very graphic and customizable way. I will eventually make a tutorial on how to make the best of it.
  • Bike Radar podcast: twice a week podcast about everything bike related, mostly road and mtb. They produce so much there’s always something interesting.
  • Nerd Alert podcast: weekly podcast about technical stuff, mostly road related. Still quite interesting, even if I am not into road cycling.
  • Viajando Despacio podcast: cycletouring podcast, usually weekly. In Spanish
  • Antritt podcast: twice a month podcast about anything cycle related, mostly with the bike as a transportation tool. In German.

Friends and others


  • Instituto Latinoamericano Passivhaus, a platform for anyone interested in the Passivhaus concept in Latinamerica. We have been using our Panamericana trip to meet many of their members and phsh for the further development of this great network of professionals.
  • The Passivhaus Institut, where Susanne works, developed and promotes the passive house standard, the highest standard in energy efficiency in buildings in the world. We have also used our bike trips to help promote this standard in other countries, which would help people save on energy consumption and the world reduce its energy needs.

Do you have any online resource to recommend? Please mention it on the comments below. Thanks!

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